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Guidance - Ms. B. Jessie

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Welcome To CJHS

My office is located in the room between the library and the lunchroom. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to come see me.

                               Office Hours each day from 7:40-3:30

                    Summer Office Hours : Tuesday & Wednesday from 8- 3 (Lunch 12-1)

Ms. Jessie is responsible for all guidance activities. She works various days throughout the Summer in order to enroll incoming students for the new school year. Early Summer registration is greatly encourage as requesting records from schools can sometimes be a long process and sometimes delaying  enrollment.

Something to think about this week:


Succeed by setting goals and planning how to accomplish them. Goal setting may help you earn better grades, save time, reduce frustration, and increase self esteem. Reaching your goals will give you a greater sense of accomplishment.

  • Set Short Term Goals
  • Set Long Term Goals
  • Make Goals Specific
  • Make Goals Realistic
  • Set a Timeline

5 Steps to Achieving your goals

1. Decide what is important

2. Set your goals

3. Plan how to achieve

4. Follow Through

5. Continue setting goals

Important Information


It is important that you be in school each day. When it is absolutely necessary that you be absent, you are to bring a note to your homeroom teacher during homeroom the day you return to school.  The note must contain the following information: (1) the date of your absence, (2) the reason for the absence, (3) the date the note was written, and (4) your parent signature. If no such note is supplied to your homeroom teacher within 3 school days, the absence will be considered truancy. For more information about absences, please see page 4 of your Student Handbook.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Teachers welcome the opportunity to meet with parents and to discuss problems of any nature. To schedule a conference the parent(s) should contact the counselor in advance. Unless there are extenuating circumstances conferences will be scheduled Tuesday through Thursday at 3:10. Parents should come to the office and the secretary will notify the teachers and guidance counselor of the conference appointment and location.

Being Safe ONLINE!

Have your child follow these basic rule (adapted from )

1. Never reveal your identity or identifying details.

2. Never get together with someone you've met online unless you've discussed it with your parents. If your parents give their permission, arrange to meet in a public place and bring along a trusted friend.

3. Never respond to messages that make you feel uncomfortable.

4. Talk to parents about these ground rules, and any others they might have, before going online.

For more good advice for both kids and parents, visit and .